'the' Unique Draughty Stopper

Welcome to Draughty Stoppers;
The home of the exclusive draughty stoppers on line shop for internal doors.  Our entire range of draughty stoppers is custom made to the highest specifications and offered at affordable prices.  We have lots of colours to create your own unique draughtystopper, to transform your home. 
These can be ordered in any length, width and in many plain colours
to suit your style of interior. 

'a warm draught free home whatever the weather + cheaper heating bills!!!'

Internal Draughty Stoppers fits the whole door both sides – not a section at the front like the ‘old fashioned sausage’ type, where every time the door is opened/closed the ‘sausage’ moves, so you have to keep putting it back!  Just S- L- I-D- E it onto the bottom of the door and forget about it.
The pictures show how simply & quickly they will fit onto your door. 
Easy shop site, just select the fabric of your choice, to complement your door, floor or interior decoration.

The standard measurements, which fits all standard door is 30” (760mm) in length and 1½” (40mm) wide.
Standard prices are just £13

If you require a price for a custom made draughty stopper,
 in a particular colour, different sizes etc, just contact us with your enquiry, and we will get back to you with a price!!

Easy to remove for washing and crafted from high quality fabric.